When Your Organization Needs An App, Work With The Best Developers In The Business

- Jun 30, 2015

By now, even the least tech savvy individuals among us have at least a vague idea of what applications for mobile devices are. When the average consumer first purchased his or her tablet or smartphone, they probably downloaded or bought a few apps out of curiosity, or because of a friend’s recommendation. However, most peoplequicklydecided that those colorful and addictive apps weren’t only fun, butoften essential. As it turns out, more and more businesses are coming to that conclusion as well — having excellent mobile applications and a sound mobile strategy are essential components of doing business in 2015 (and beyond).

This is certainly not a fad.Smartphones, tablets, and other app-friendly devices are how this generation is communicating, absorbing news, socializing, and making purchases and business decisions, and often all at the same time. As traditional methods of advertising and other marketing techniques disappear, mobile apps are helping businesses create brand recognition, promote products, track user behavior and data with analytics, and collect valuable statistics. So as all aspects of twenty-first century advertising and marketing get drawn further and further into the digital realm, it makes more sense for businesses to create their own range of specific applications. Or, rather, it makes sense to hire a third-party company to create them. Because like most other offerings in the digital domain, the humble app’s simplicity, straightforwardness, and universality make it seem easier to create than it actually is.

So what does it mean to create an app? Business owners wondering this question should never assume that, despite the multitude of results online, they should opt for a free app builder. Instead, they should always seek out a mobile app development company that functions as an end-to-end, in-housecollaborator that not only understands all platforms, languages, markets, innovations, and trends in mobile applications, but also knows how to produce customized work for just about any use, user, situation, and objective.

Clients should never have to wait for lengthy periods while a project is shopped out to sub-contractors, or while designers toil away without ever giving you insight into their process. Instead, ideal mobile application development services — companies like Clearbridge Mobile, to name one example — should have award-winning, in-house talent to take on an app project from the ground up in a timely fashion, while also involving you at every step of the way. A company like Clearbridge is a good model to use when comparing companies; like Clearbridge, the team you chooseshould be able to produce apps that are compliant with a variety of formats, ranging from iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire as well as the more recent Chromecast and Airplay (you don’t want to limit yourself in a multi-billion dollar market with lots of choice). Such a studio shouldn’t just offer the technical talent to get the app up and running, but artists to bring it to life, business analysts to make sure that it’smeetingyour vital objectives, and a support staff to insure that any problems will be no problem for either clients or their customers, even once the application has been deployed and it’s being downloaded or purchased!

App seekers should also be seeking a development company that’s not shy about tooting its own horn. The ideal mobile app developer can demonstrate to potential clients what technology it uses, loves, and anticipates using to enable apps, and also how it sees applications evolving over the next several years. It should be able to provide potential clients with recent accomplishments, achievements, and success stories, both past and present. There’s nothing wrong with giving the new groupon the block their big break, but when wondering how to create an app for your business, you’d be wise to select an application development company with the skills and expertise to match your ambitions.


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