VPhone V8 Is Claimed To Be World’s Smallest Touch Screen Phone

- Dec 30, 2016

The chinese company vphone decided to create the smallest smartphone in the world called vphone S8. Back in 2011 when Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note, that smartphone was considered to be huge, and it sported a 5.3-inch display. These days, we just consider 5.7-inch phones to be quite normal, and 5.3-inch phones are actually considered to be small. This only goes to prove that how much things have changed since 2011, in a number of ways.

Vphone S8 Design:

The smartphone weighs only 30 grams and possesses a shape like a smartwatch. It fits perfectly in your palm and somehow looks like a kid’s toy rather than a smartphone. The phone features 1.54 inch display covered by 2.5D curved glass. Despite its tiny size, it is quite shinny and a little mysterious with black and silver color. Vphone S8 comes with one power button on right side, and three virtual button in the front.


Vphone S8

Vphone S8 Specs:

In terms of other specs, the phone sports 64 megabyte RAM and 128 megabyte of internal storge accompanied with a microSD card. It uses MT 2502 processor and the tiny phone takes power from the source of 380mAh battery capacity.

Vphone S8 Features:

Vphone S8 is compatible with Android as well as iOS Smartphones and the company is also working to bring its compatibility for other platforms. This phone can be paired with any smartphone via Bluetooth, and the user can answer or make a call if the phone is successfully paired. User can also read and reply SMS and use other social networking apps from smartphone remotely.

The device is also capable of giving all the round protection of the health with its built-in motion chip, that records the consumption of each calorie, and there’s a second generation heart rate monitor to keep and check on the heartbeat.

The device is equipped with the FM radio, which is quite interesting, while it also comes with USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 4.0.

The Vphone S8 comes in Black and Silver color variants, and will be available for purchase for $30 soon.

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