The Best Android App Development Companies Are All Dedicated, In-House Organizations

- Aug 24, 2015

In the past four years (i.e., 2011 to 2015), mobile app store revenue jumped from $8 billion to $45 billion per year. That revenue is projected to jump another $30 billion dollars in the next two years, which will make app stores a nearly $77 billion per year industry by 2017. With these figures in mind, it only makes sound economic sense to get involved. Now’s the time to start your Android app development, create your own killer app, and cut out your piece of that enormous pie. Simple research reveals that Android tablet sales have increased roughly 800% in the last five years. With worldwide sales of Android products set to grow further in 2016 and beyond, now is the time to get your incredible app developed.

So you’ve read all the latest bulletins, taken great seminars, and signed up for invaluable mailing lists; you’ve got a great idea for an app, and one that will skyrocket your business into its next logical phase. But where do you start when it comes to the design process? Unless you’re already an extremely talented professional, you won’t know how to code, master Android-based computer language, or know how to market your new app in the Play Store. You may feel like you need to turn to online builders—programs that let you build very simple apps for free, but that offer little control, few original designs, and almost no insights or collaborations.

For these reasons, if you want to build an app that’s entirely your own (and successful, to boot), you’ve got to work with a professional mobile app development company—the true experts in the industry who can craft and deploy amazing apps exactly to your specifications, and who handle every stage of development, from initial concepts to downloaded product.

The best mobile app development companies will have a time-honored, systematic, and collaborative approach to building apps that involves several distinct stages. The typical android app development process involves Project Management, Product Strategy, Design, Development, and Quality Assurance teams to take your idea, strategize its development, render it in beautiful, loving detail, and eliminate all formatting hitches. Project Management defines the work necessary in order to make an app from scratch; Project Managers make certain that product milestones are met at expected intervals. Product Strategy defines the timeline of creation and lays out a road map for how the app will be discovered and used after its creation. The Design stage deals with the visual and aural aspects of the app (including color, texture, sound, animation, and so forth) and also strikes a careful balance between User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX), while the Development stage perfects the underlying code that makes the whole system work. Once the app has been created, tested, and set up for a trial run — all with your input and approval — the Quality Assurance team makes certain that the app works in the way it’s supposed to and is ready to be released to the public. Once deployed in the Google Play Store, your Android application will then be tracked and monitored for continued success; some of the best app development companies will even provide post-launch maintenance to guarantee a bug- and glitch-free product.

That’s a lot of moving parts to manage; it’s certainly a lot more than an amateur or first-time app-builder can handle, but also a lot less than you might have initially thought. Leave it to Clearbridge Mobile, an industry-leading application development company to see your app’s design and implementation from the first to the final step. Remember, nothing can stand in for a market-savvy company that provides insight into the industry, seeks to understand its customers intimately, meets and exceeds their needs and expectations, and keeps the app working once it’s in the hands of your customers or business partners. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with the right partnership, and only a company on the leading edge of evolving platform design — a company like Clearbridge Mobile — can see your app from the starting gun to the finish line. And there really is no telling what you might earn once you penetrate the mobile app market. Business is booming, so don’t get left behind!

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