Samsung Shut Down Its Milk Music

- Oct 17, 2016

Milk Music launched in 2014 as a service that’s exclusively for Samsung devices, but has struggled to gain traction in the competitive space of music streaming. Now Samsung is unplugging the service on September 22 and replacing it with the existing streaming services instead. Slacker, which powered Milk, is Samsung’s preferred service for any Milk users that are feeling out in the cold.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones predominantly rely on Android apps, though over the years the company moved to invest in its own apps to beef up its software offerings. But its efforts haven’t been very successful. Samsung also launched its own mobile music and e-book service several years ago but was forced to shut them down after the services proved unpopular among the consumers.


Milk Music

Milk Music never quite took off in the way Samsung had hoped it’d, despite being able to push it on a bazillion Galaxy devices. It also launched with no fees and no ads. But against stiff competition from the likes of Spotify, Pandora, and solid offerings from Apple and Google, even Samsung had an uphill battle on its hands.

For those of you (probably many of you) who never used Milk Music, the service works as much like many other players in the space. You can create radio stations, whose songs are promised to be ‘hand-picked by experts.’ While Milk Music was initially offered only to Samsung mobile device users, it later became available to everyone online, as well as to Samsung smart TV owners.

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