Upgrade Your PS4 With Vinyl Skins

- May 22, 2015

Once you tally up the total cost of your new PlayStation 4, you’ll realize that you’re paying a pretty penny for the latest in gaming. With top of the line warranties, the console and its controllers, a collection of games, a headset, and maybe even the new PlayStation TV, you’re looking at a lot of money to finance your gaming addition. When you invest this much, you want to be sure your PS4 is protected and able to last through campaign after campaign of Assassin’s Creed.

With over 10 million consoles sold worldwide, you’re not the only PS4 owner who wants to protect their property. Wise gamers before you have found that PS4 skins provide ideal protection for their valuable gaming system. Unlike bulky cases that transform your console into a heavy, awkward thing kept under lock and key, vinyl skins provide a lightweight yet durable alternative. They offer the protection you need, while allowing you to personalize its design to reflect your style.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a vinyl skin company. Understanding what makes one PS4 skin better than the next requires you to know a little bit about how they’re made and what they can do for you. Superior skins are made out of a high-quality material (like 3M vinyl) that you can apply directly to your console and controllers. By sticking to the contours of your device perfectly, this material offers a secure grip without permanent adhesive. This means that when you remove the skin from your PS4, no residue is left behind. For those of you who like the idea of eventually selling your console to upgrade to the next release in the future, this is great news.

PS4 skins are cut to fit perfectly ontothe console. This means that corners will line up, there will be no overlapping, and large air bubbles can be avoided when applied properly. Just like the name suggests, a skin rests tightly against the surface of your PS4, adding no extra bulk to look and feel like a natural part of the system. Though it is thin, it creates a protective layer between your console and the world; dents, scratches, and even damaging spills can be avoided with these skins.

The skins that you choose for a PS4 can be cosmetic in design along with being protective. With its simple application, you can upgrade your PS4 from the boring black box to whatever you prefer. Skins come in basic colors like red, yellow, and blue, in addition to eye-catching textures like carbon fibre, metallic, and wood grains. You can tailor your PS4 to create whatever effect you’d like, impressing your fellow gamers with a shocking yellow or a camouflaged mahogany.

Once you locate a skin provider that offers skins made from precision-cut 3M vinyl, protecting your PS4 will be fast, easy, and affordable. Providers like dbrand make it their mission to provide quality and inexpensive skins for your device. Not only can you order high quality vinyl skins for the console, but you can also get matching skins for your controllers when you shop for skins for your PS4 from dbrand. They make a fitted skin that protects the DualShock 4 from scratches and spills, in addition to creating a superior grip for when your gaming gets intense.

You purchased the PS4 expecting the best in gaming. By adding a skin to your console and its controllers, you guarantee that you’re playing the ideal game. You’re also protecting the investment that you sank a lot of money into, ensuring that your system will last as long you need it to.

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