Game Marketing Trends for 2015

- Dec 2, 2014

Today’s gaming community demands games that adapt and do so quickly. Gamers want to be entertained with original ideas and games that can be played on a variety of platforms. This means that for your game to be a success, you need to consistently evaluate your strategies in order to ensure that you are achieving your objectives.

Look for New Ways to Attract Attention

The gaming market is getting overwhelmed with choices for gamers. In order to help bring your game to the front of the throng, you need to completely differentiate your game. Developers television spots have begun to use extremely creative tactics draw attention to themselves. Using original approaches and social media, these professionals are vying for and achieving the top spots in their industry. This is a tactic that translates easily into the gaming industry and is one of the most effective trends used in game marketing.

App Analytics and Other Useful Technology 

As quickly as games and game marketing have to adapt, the technology and tools used to facilitate those adaptations are also adjusting. App analytics are part of powerful technology that gathers information from game users at each touch point. According to app analytics allows you to understand what motivates your customers, how they use the games, and how you can improve the gamers’ experience with your game.

Personalize the Gaming Experience 

Today’s gamers want to see personalization in their games. Some effective ways to personalize games include:

Many long-running games have included one or more of these methods to personalize the experience for their game players.

Use Loyal Gamers as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Sending invitations to play, asking friends for in-game gifts, and talking about fun new games are all ways that gamers draw other users to the community. The power of popularity has taken on a whole new level of effectiveness as connectivity and technology play a stronger role in society. By drawing on the input of your targeted community, you’ll find many new ways to market effectively.

Assist the Customer Through the Buying Process

By understanding what motivates your gamers at each stage of the path to the final destination of purchase, you’ll be prepared to invite gamers at each step to make a purchase. Loyal gamers are more likely to purchase an expansion if you have given them a taste of it through a free trial version.

Identify Effective Strategies for Multiple Devices

The majority of consumers are using more than one device at a time. This means that you can’t confine your marketing efforts to just a mobile phone or just a tablet. Prepare your marketing tactics to be appealing and engaging on any platform. Adjusting your game for multiple platforms won’t hurt, either.

Meet Your Gamers at Their Home

Location-based marketing is a method that marketers use to provide consumers with messages based on who they are and where they live. Consumers enjoy marketing that is relevant to their community and businesses enjoy the chance to monitor shopping trends based on location. Imagine a game background that responds to the weather or current holidays of the gamers’ neighborhood. Can you think of other ways that location-based marketing can be used to your advantage?

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