ZeroTouch Is Becoming Even Smarter With The Addition Of Amazon’s Alexa Personal Assistant

- Mar 17, 2017

Logitech has announced a new version of the app for its ZeroTouch Android smartphone mounts (there is no iPhone version) that incorporates Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled digital assistant. Once ZeroTouch owners install the app, they will gain a raft of new features, including the ability to control Alexa-compatible device in their smart home, even if they do not own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

The ZeroTouch itself is available in two configurations that enable hands-free control of a docked smartphone. The ZeroTouch Air Vent ($59.99 at Amazon) clips to one of the car’s air vents, while the ZeroTouch Dashboard ($79.99 at Amazon) mounts to the car’s dashboard or windshield. Both models have Bluetooth radios which automatically launch the ZeroTouch app when the phone comes into contact with the mount.




The ZeroTouch is an advanced Bluetooth-enabled smart car mount series that contains two models for car air vent and dashboard. The ZeroTouch Air Vent measures 1.5×1.5×1.22 inches and the ZeroTouch Dashboard measures 2.83×2.56×2.4 inches. Both models show off a smooth and low profile design, and multiple color options bring personal style to the accessories. Of course, this model for air vent is more compact while Dashboard model delivers a more flexible experience.


The ZeroTouch smart car mounts work with Android phones with Android 5.0 OS or later. Using built-in Bluetooth tech, the car mounts wirelessly communicate with your smartphone.

More importantly, this smart car mount series supports Amazon Alexa voice service, so you can simply use your voice commands to start your navigation, play music, reply to incoming messages, make handsfree calls, or ask Alexa various questions without touching your phone.

Furthermore, don’t forget those Amazon Alexa enabled smart devices in your house. Using this smart car mounts, you can ask Alexa to remotely control the smart home devices when you’re on the way home such as turning on your thermostat, smart lights and many more.

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