UE Updated Its Boom & Megaboom Apps With A New PartyUp Feature

- Dec 3, 2016

Ultimate Ears, the personal audio specialist owned by the Logitech, updated its iOS and Android apps with a feature called ‘Party Up’ which lets users connect ‘more than 50’ of its Bluetooth speakers at once. When synced together, every speaker can be simultaneously controlled from just a single mobile device, with the music selection and volume synced together across every speaker.

Until now, you could only pair two speakers together to create a stereo pair but following the update you can drag and also drop any speaker that has the latest firmware installed into the main area to include it in the group.


Party Up

Ultimate Ears says the UE Boom, UE Boom 2, and UE Megaboom can all participate in the new Party Up feature, but the company’s other smaller Bluetooth speakers – the UE Roll and UE Roll 2 – are not supported.

Therefore, if you have many UE speakers at hand, and want some loud party scenes, you can fire them all up together and play music simultaneously. You can also control all the speakers through one smartphone, and drag and drop speakers into PartyUp as and when you like. Each of the speaker will show up on the app in the same colour as its outer hardware colour, and making it easier to differentiate.

It’s available today as a free upgrade, and apparently also goes a ways toward making the pairing process more faster, even if you only have two speakers for a given social engagement. It also look to be good way to peer pressure friends into buying a matching Bluetooth speaker.

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