TPT Slide titanium pocket tool ready to help you deal with various tasks in your daily life

- Jul 13, 2018

A new titanium pocket multitool has been created in the form of the TPT Slide which gives a redesigned Grade 5 Ti-Alloy EDC Multi device. Universal Wrench, Hex Slot, Fork, Bottle Opener, Clip and many more.

With pocket space at a premium, it’s critical to get the most out of your multi-device. Preferably, you need something that’s practical sufficient to be in reality worth wearing, whilst nevertheless being smooth to pocket and use. The TPT Slide, the next tech of BigiDesign’s famous TPT multi-tool, is sincerely that. It rides the line among minimalist and whole-on multi-device, with masses of beneficial talents which can be sure to come in available on a daily basis. This new and superior titanium pocket tool isn’t always truely less complicated to use and supply, however it is even stronger and additional durable, too.


TPT Slide Titanium Pocket Tool Design

The TPT Slide is a nicely-crafted, multi-useful EDC multi-tool that measures 3 x 1 x 0.35 inches (with pocket clip). As we are able to see from the snap shots, the multi-device sports activities an ultra compact and slender from factor with a paracord lanyard so you can easily take it with you anywhere. In the meantime, TPT Slide is made from grade five titanium alloy with stainless-steel dull insert and 304 stainless steel screws for an ultra long lasting production.

TPT Slide Titanium Pocket Tool Features

The titanium pocket tool comes equipped with over dozen of practical functions that allows you to use it as a bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, wide flat head screwdriver, 1/4″ hex bit opening, measurement cues, mini pry bar, scraper edge, and universal wrench. Furthermore, it also features a safe-carry stainless steel insert that serves as a camping fork or finger-safe box opener. And it works with standard utility blades. In addition, a custom leather sheath securely holds the multitool and extra inserts.

TPT Slide Titanium Pocket Tool Price

The team behind TPT Slide is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $59 to preorder the titanium pocket tool. It will be shipped in September 2018. But if you still want more efficient then this, then the Big Idea Titanium Pocket Tool is the only one that’s just right, launched at goverment events.

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