TomTom Curfer: Tracks Your Vehicle While Driving

- Dec 5, 2015

TomTom’s Curfer is an equipment and application mix that permits you to track your vehicle motion as you drive. One half is an equipment dongle called the LINK 100, which fits in your auto. The other part is a cell phone application for Android and iOS that records data from this dongle and presentations it in various helpful ways.

The essential point here is to give you a chance to track you’re driving, so you can see whether you’re a smooth driver or excessively flighty, and which regions of your driving characterize your style. In principle, you can then enhance the way you work your auto for a more efficient execution.

This is a framework that has been standard over the globe for over 10 years. The OBD acronym remains for on-board diagnostics, and this is the port administration architects use to peruse data from the numerous PC frameworks that now control the operation of a current auto.

Be that as it may, the Curfer framework doesn’t include itself with any of this; it just peruses the data it can, and after that passes this to the cell phone application for examination. Introducing the LINK 100 is really simple. The most troublesome part is finding where your auto’s OBD-II port is. This isn’t institutionalized at the whole way across brands or models, in spite of the fact that there are a couple of normal spots, for example, under the directing wheel.┬áThe Curfer application uncovers a lot of data from your auto in its Expert segment.

There’s battery voltage, motor burden in percent, coolant temperature, motor rpm, your rate, wind stream, throttle position, admission complex weight, admission air temperature, fuel weight, fumes gas distribution, tank fuel level, barometric weight, impetus temperature, outright motor burden, surrounding air temperature, oil temperature, charge air cooler temperature, and fumes temperature.


The TomTom Curfer gives an abundance of demonstrative data about your auto, effectively saw on your cell phone screen.

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