The Pokemon Go Plus Device Is Now Available

- Nov 16, 2016

The brand new wearable device from Nintendo, Pokemon Go Plus has just hit stores. And you should be able to pick one up for yourself as long as the stock suffices at places like Amazon and GameStop, which only carries the device in its online store.

The wearable itself is surprisingly big, measuring 33mm wide by almost 44mm long. Out of the box the device is set up with a small clip to enable it to be hooked onto a shirt pocket or belt.

The Bluetooth device, which can be hooked onto a belt or worn as a bracelet, enables you to play a more limited version of Pokémon Go without having to keep the app open on your phone.


Pokemon Go Plus

One of the biggest benefits of this is that you can catch Pokemon without even using your phone at all. Here is how that works: when there’s a Pokemon in the area, your Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate and then light up. If it lights up green, that means the Pokemon is a species you’ve caught before. From there, simply press the button to throw a Poke Ball. If you’re able to successfully capture the Pokemon, the device will vibrate three times, and then the lights will change to several different colors in a row. If the Pokemon escaped, the light will turn red.

When Nintendo first announced its product, a price of US$35 was attached to it, and that’s still the case – the official UK Nintendo Store lists a price of £34.99.

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