The Ninox FlatLay Camping Hammock is designed with comfort in mind

- Jan 31, 2019

Every so often even the most relaxed hammocks can be a bit intricate to get used to when tenting outdoors. Fortuitously Sierra Madre studies has evolved a new flatlay hammock called the Ninox. The design of the camping hammock that lets in you to sleep in your back, side or maybe your belly in comfort.

The project of tent camping turned into finding a flat space in which you can set up your tent that wasn’t riddled with uneven floor, rocks, or roots. alongside came hammock camping, which expanded you off that difficult ground but simplest gave you the choice of 1 drowsing role. Ninox’s flat lay hammock is the following step in tenting, allowing you to sleep for your back, aspect, or even your stomach.

Ninox FlatLay Camping Hammock Design

Ninox tested over 25 exclusive designs before landing on a wave-formed reduce that allows for extra versatility. The Ninox hammock is made of Teslon3. The fabric is both softer and lighter than previous materials. The hammock also comes with a beneficiant insect guard. The entire hammock takes seconds to put together way to its knotless layout. It also weighs much less than 20 oz.. You’ll also acquire a rain fly and a gear stash along with your hammock.

Ninox FlatLay Camping Hammock Price

With still 20 days remaining on its campaign the project has already raised over $125,000 and earlybird pledges are available from $159 or roughly £123. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place during April 2019. For more details on the FlatLay Hammock and full specifications as well as a complete list of all available pledge options jump over to the official crowdfunding campaign page.

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