The Moskito Smartwatch Is Designed For Biking

- Mar 2, 2017

The new crowdfunding project, which has now landed on the Kickstarter, is aiming to put a new spin on the smartphone companion with a Swiss made analogue watch that can be popped out of the strap and mounted onto your bike. It then works as a speedometer and displaying speed, average speed, distance covered and can even keep a record of your best times.



The Moskito is a nicely made, well implemented solution for a specific audience of bikers who want quick access to quantitative data about their current trip. This watch twists right out of the wristband and screws into the handlebar mount in a matter of seconds, and switches from the regular timepiece to speedometer at the push of a button, making the second hand show current speed and the minute hand the total distance traveled. This watch also offers a chronograph mode for timing how long a ride has taken. And of course, the Moskito is capable of the usual smartwatch notification features through a secondary complication that can indicate when your connected phone has received a text, call, or other notification.

In terms of watch details, the Moskito is stated to come with Swiss-made hands and dial, a hardened mineral or sapphire glass dome, real leather strap, rechargeable Li-Ion battery (run time of 6-24 months) and precision quartz movement with six bi-directional motors.

If you want to be one of the first to own a Moskito, you will need to pledge 535 Swiss Francs (roughly $528) to bag the Classic model. A pledge of 635 Swiss Francs ($626) will get you the Fly edition. If all goes well, it will start shipping from October 2017.

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