The Cosyspeed Phoneslinger is the World’s first set of bags for smartphone photography & videography

- Jan 2, 2019

As our smartphones have turn out to be more effective, so have their photography competencies. Nowadays you could seize some honestly outstanding pictures on a smartphone. Shots that weren’t viable just a few years ago. So now that smartphones are such powerhouse devices, we want the PHONESLINGER more than ever. It’s miles a cellphone photographer’s first-class buddy.

In fact, these bags are specifically designed for cellphone photographers. They offer plenty of space on your smartphone, some power banks, greater lenses and more. It lets you keep all of your accessories prepared so that you can concentrate on the images itself. The luggage can be attached to your waist thanks to the incorporated belt, ensuring that your device is usually for your man or woman and which you don’t neglect any of your device while you leave the residence.

The brand new Phoneslinger Power is a phone pouch that comes with a built-in 8000mAh powerbank that can charge your device via the QI wireless standard or a USB-cable.

The brand new Phoneslinger Prime comes close to a “real” camera bag, offering space for even the largest smartphones and four accessory lenses. You can also leave a lens attached to your device.

The brand new Phoneslinger Outdoor is a rugged phone pouch that protects your expensive device while hiking, climbing or any other activity that might put your phone at risk.

FLOWBELT Modular Belt System

Accessories include the Flowbelt which comes with attachment points for the Phoneslinger bags and other items. The Stuffbag is designed to hold items such as sunglasses, passport, keys, etc. and comes with an included wallet. The Prime Pouch is a dedicated lens pouch, holding up to five smartphone accessory lenses.

Phoneslinger Smartphone Bags Price

All of these bags are available through Indiegogo and should arrive around February 2019 – if the bags hit their goal. If you get in there quick, then there’s some decent discounts to be had. If you can’t wait that long, then they will be shown off at Photokina 2018.

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