Sony has shown off an experimental prototype of a wristband

- Sep 19, 2017

Sony comes in the SXSW competition in Austin to exhibit their new prototypes and concept of new initiatives. The corporation additionally suggests it’s all arts of R&D targeted future Lab program. These days we have seen some cool projectors and headphones. Now, Sony motion sonic wristband will manipulate the song you’re listening in keeping with your dance actions.

Advanced as part of Sony’s Motion Sonic Project, the wristband is quite a corpulent piece of equipment. It comes equipped with a “six-axis sensor,” able to monitoring rotation, perspective, and acceleration, and a trio of microphones, all of which offer data that is used to steer music.


After that, the tool translates the sounds into one of the 5 preset capabilities. It will turn your limbs into a musical device. You could control the filters on a positive song and additionally create other modifications in song along with your fingers or legs.

Some examples consist of clapping your fingers or slapping your knee to supply and manipulate melodies and a way to turn air guitar motions into actual guitar sounds. Sony additionally dumped a huge trove of demo films on YouTube, showing off all of the approaches it prototyped and examined the product.

Sony has shown the wristband in lots of conditions, from easy air guitar to greater complex choreographed performances related to a complete dance troupe. However, the wristband doesn’t function any audio system itself, as an alternative counting on a linked device including a telephone to play track thru external audio system.

Currently the Motion Sonic wristband is just a prototype with no price or release date, but it’s being shown off at SXSW in Austin.

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