Snapchat Is Now Selling Spectacles In New York City

- Nov 28, 2016

If you’re in New York City and were waiting to get your hands on Snapchat’s Spectacles, here’s your chance. The company has been putting the wearable camera on sale at pop-up vending machines around the country, starting out on the West Coast. They finally made their way east, with a Snapchat store opening at 5 East 59th Street near the corner of 5th Ave, right next to the Apple Store. Judging by the facade outside, it shouldn’t be too hard to miss: The store will stick around through New Year’s Eve, although it’ll unsurprisingly be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

First, a primer. Spectacles are sunglasses with embedded cameras that Snapchat introduced two months ago with the aim of funneling ever more videos to its service. The $129.95 eyewear records 10-second videos and then wirelessly sends them to the user’s Snapchat app.


Snapchat Spectacles

Pictures from inside the store show a single Snapbot — the Minion-like vending machines that Snap Inc. has made for the buying Spectacles — and a long, snaking line. Each pair of glasses costs $129.95 and are limited to two per customer.

Don’t be shocked if you’re in for a lengthy wait to use lone vending machine in the store — there was already a line before 7AM on opening day. As with other locations, though, Snapchat wants this to be a bit of a challenge. The artificial scarcity creates a buzz that you might not see if you could just walk into an ordinary store and pick up Spectacles on a whim. With that said, Snapchat’s choice of the location is clearly intended for maximum exposure. You might see hordes of New Yorkers wearing this video-capable eyewear before long.

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