QuadBot, A 3D Printed, Open Source Robot

- Feb 20, 2017

QuadBot, which has recently launched on KickStarter, is a 3D Printed, customizable crab robot designed to be accessible across all age groups and experience levels. The project created by the Manchester University graduates aims to bring robotics into the classroom with the aid of 3D printing.

QuadBot is a 3D-printable, 100 percent programmable, Arduino-powered walking robot. It is designed to transform you from zero to robotics hero through a crash course in everything it takes to bring your very own crazy-looking crab robot to life. Unlike the many similar code-your-own-robot projects we have covered in the past, QuadBot is not limited to kids, and instead promises something for the everyone from aspiring makers to more confident hackers.


QuadBot Robot

The QuadBot, comprised of roughly 27 hours of the 3D printed parts, servo motors, an Arduino based QuadBoard, cables, bluetooth module and some cords, it is fully open-source. This means that after eventually the receiving and going through the challenge of assembling the bot, you’re able to change its code and 3D print custom modifications (using raw Autodesk Fusion based design files) to your creative liking.

The QuadBot robot is available in a number of different kits allowing you to either 3D print your very own casings and legs or simply purchase a complete kit with everything you need straight out of the box. Prices start at $155 for a maker kit and go up to $275 for a full version with Bluetooth module. Shipping is set to take place in end of March 2017.

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