Oittm WiFi smart dimmer switch lets you effortlessly control your light

- Aug 2, 2018

Smart home tech is now becoming more relevant for present day purchasers as they seek out dedicated approaches to make their way of life more efficient, which has manufacturers responding with merchandise just like the Oittm Dimmer wi-fi light switch.

Intended to be installed in location of a conventional light switch, the gadget integrates connectivity to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to enable overall control over your lighting fixtures without additional accessories. The light transfer can be customized through the accompanying app as a way to let users select while it turns on, whilst it need to be off and even create customized lighting fixtures experiences that match needs or choices.

Oittm Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch Design

That is a nicely-designed and flexible smart dimmer that replaces your single pole switch. As we are able to see from the pics, the smart switch indicates off a minimal and fashionable appearance design, and the solid white outside permits it to match nicely with any indoors decoration style.


Oittm Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch Features

The smart dimmer switch uses integrated WiFi connectivity to wirelessly join on your local community so you can remotely dim and control your lighting from anywhere via your phone or tablet with no need any hub. Moreover, using its custom app, you may program how bright the light need to be while you turn it on at exclusive instances of the day or create customized scenes based on unique conditions.

More importantly, the smart dimmer works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can effortlessly control your lighting along with your voice instructions, and it additionally interacts with different Alexa or Google Assistant enabled smart devices. Further, it could also be controlled with the aid of its touchable LED light bar.

Oittm Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch Price

The WiFi smart dimmer switch is priced at $29.99 USD. If you are really interested in this new smart dimmer switch and want to grab it, then jump to Amazon for its more details.

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