Oculus Has Announced A New Way To Listen To Audio

- Dec 8, 2016

Oculus launched a new pair of earbuds that connect to the Oculus Rift VR headset called Oculus Earphones at its Oculus Connect 3 event in San Jose, California. The new earbuds cost $49 and will ship in December. As you’ve probably guessed, Earphones are in-ear headphones, that Oculus has described as ‘next-level audio integration’ and a ‘new sound solution to satisfy even the most serious audiophiles’

It’s mostly a triumph of design. The Rift’s standard headphones sound fine, but as an on-ear solution, they are subject to noise pollution. In-ear headphones are simply more isolating, blocking more outside noise and also lending a more immersive experience to VR by default — which make the Oculus Earphones perfect for the Rift users looking for a more intimate sound experience.

The earbuds look a little silly dangling off of the bottom of Rift headset, but they sound great — the soft silicone earbuds fit comfortably in the ears, and blocked out almost all outside noise.


Oculus Earphones

The in-ear earbuds use the same connector as the on-ear pads, and can simply be swapped in by just unscrewing the earpads from the headset and attaching the earbuds in their stead.

According to Oculus, they’ve advanced noise isolation and also have drivers optimized for VR. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe even went on to say that they are one of the most higher-end earphones in the world. The Earphones will be available for $49. You can pre-order them on October 10th, and they will ship on December 6th.

In addition to the new earbuds, Oculus also announced the Touch controllers, that enable an immersive control experience in VR, will cost $199.

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