Moto Surround – Pleasing Sound

- Aug 11, 2015

The Moto Surround is another best headphone released by Motorola, which is smaller and more lightweight pair of Bluetooth earbuds that will offer up to 12 hours of battery life on just one charging time. This product of Motorola is waterproof & sweat-proof, and has the specialty built-in microphone for taking calls while you are working out or doing something else.

Style & Functionality

Build of the Moto Surround resembles that of many other Bluetooth in-ear headphones geared toward athletic types, but these have a few traits that help it stand out. The main design characterize is a black plastic band that wraps around the back of your neck and rests gently above the chest. Its outside edge is peppered with matte and glossy plastic textures & rubber. The right side of the band hosts most of the physical characteristics.

A volume rocker is placed on its top that doubles as a song selector if you hold down either of the buttons for more than a second. On the opposite side, there is a power button and a micro-USB port covered by a rubber flap. There are a few more buttons underneath the earphones, which are magnetically-fastened to the Surround. On the right side, there is a play and pause button. The left side has a phone button to answer and hang up calls.

According to Motorola, the Moto Surround is a joy by considering low cost just totally like Moto Pulse, what you are getting here likely will not be the best sound quality you have ever heard. Motorola claims that the Surround can remain tethered to your device while up to 150 feet away.

It is simple enough to push the buttons, but the Surround lags a bit in executing your commands. For example, when you change to the next or previous song, another second of your current song will play before it switches.


The Moto Surround isn’t just that, these affordable headphones boast impressive sound and battery life for the low cost.

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