M100 By KEF: Solid Selection For listening

- Sep 21, 2015

The M100 headphones are supremely comfy lightweight in-ears combining Kef design innovation and preciseness engineering to give you true high res sound on the move. Kef is a long standing audio brand, but has not been in the headphone game for very long. its first pair, the M500.

Nevertheless, as you might have expected from a brand like Kef, the M100 in-ears aren’t quite so cheap. You can rely on Kef to provide well built products and these headphones are no exception with a machined aluminium casing making them fit with other M-series cans.

Another plus is that the production process is an environmentally friendly benzene free one. By Including in the box alongside the headphones are three different sizes of tips, a round carry pouch and a flight adapter. Like Kef’s new M400 on-ear headphones.

The M100 in ears are available in 4 different colors, which are Racing Blue, Sunset Orange, Champagne Gold and Titanium Black. The in line control is made for use with Apple products, but will work with ‘ most other devices’. On an Android phone we could play, pause and skip forward a track but not adjust the volume.

Kef calling the driver full range means it can deliver frequencies from 20Hz all the way up to 20KHz in other words the hearing range of a human being.

From the off we could tell the M100 in-ear headphones had the potential to offer great but as with the M500, they needed running in before they could reach their potential so bear this in mind if you get a pair. These headphones are super crisp and bright but without going too far and becoming harsh. Balance is the key word here and that makes them suitable for a wide range of genres.



The M100 offers and excellent build quality, a lightweight comfy design combined with greatly balanced and crisp sound functionality.

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