Logitech’s Pop Button Can Control Multiple Devices

- Nov 9, 2016

Logitech has introduced ‘Pop Home Switch’, a simple hardware-based product that not only puts smart control at the fingertips of the multiple users, but also ensures that everyone in the family has the power to control their smart home without having access to a connected smartphone.

Physically, it’s a square of rubberized plastic, smaller than a drinks coaster, along with a raised circular button on top. Two coin cell batteries inside power the Bluetooth LE radio; they’re user-replaceable, though Logitech says that they should last for 5-6 years of typical use. You could leave it on a nightstand or coffee table, though sticky pads are included in the box for wall-mounting.


Pop Home Switch

The Pop is a broad button about the size of your palm, that connects to a hub which plugs directly into an outlet via Bluetooth LE. The hub has the real smarts, with support for a whole host of the top smart home gadgets, including Phillips Hue lights, Lutron smart drapes, LIFX connected bulbs and August locks, to name a few. Using a companion app on either Android or iOS, you simply scan your Wi-Fi network for the compatible devices, then tie those devices to one or more Pop for simplified control and recipe creation.

Available for preorder, the Logitech Pop starter pack comes with the base station and two Pop home switches for $99, while the extra home switches will run you $39 a piece. The company says that the device will begin shipping out in a few weeks, and it’ll be available for purchase from retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.

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