Line-us Is By Far The Cutest Drawing Robot We’ve Ever Seen

- Jun 1, 2017

A UK based team have created a superb mini robot drawing arm Dubbed as Line-us, that’s capable of drawing with a paper and pen, it recreates anything you draw on your screen using the official companion app.

Line-us is a mini robot along with an arm, that will be capable of following the strokes that you make using a finger, mouse, or stylus, it means that as you draw on the screen or your tablet, Line-us will follow your movements in real-time and recreate whatever it is that you are doing.



User can easily use it to connect it to the internet though Wi-Fi, or just play around by mimicking your doodles and send and receive messages from anywhere in the world. If someone has the app, they can easily send their drawing to your robot via internet. It is hardly a practical way to get in touch with someone, but who cares: it is got personality.

Line-us is the creation of Durrell Bishop and Robert Poll, and they have chosen Kickstarter to help fund the first 1,000 machines. With 25 days still left to go, the funding goal already been reached.

The marker of this mini robot say that they want to create a community of users who collect each other’s drawings through the app, and also customize the bot itself. This new robot has its own interface for connecting with Scratch, Arduino, Python, and Raspberry Pi, and can be adapted in a number of the ways. You could give it a set of watercolors to paint with, or have a pair of the devices drawing in tandem. It seems ripe for all sorts of the DIY fun.

The fact that this robot is small makes it ideal for all kinds of uses, and one can even mount it on the fridge where you can write notes on the app and have it write it out on the fridge as well, so you could use it to send messages to someone at home or make notes to remind yourself about upcoming meetings, buying groceries, and so on.

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