Integrate your music into your everyday life with Beoplay E6 Wireless Earphones

- Dec 3, 2018

Bang & Olufen’s largest IFA 2018 statement was the robust Beosound side speaker, formed like a large pound coin and costing around 3,000 of them besides. But in case you’re after a bit of the B&O audio magic on a more restrictive price range, you might want to test out the Beoplay E6 in-ear headphones instead.

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 is the organisation’s natural successor to the similarly wireless Beoplay H5 earphone. It incorporates earbuds related by a neck band – much like the Apple-made Beats X.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 In-Ear Wireless Earphones Design

The layout is the handiwork of Jakob Wagner, and it’s designed to live glued on your ear even when you have a fairly active way of life. The earbuds – or “ear fins” in Bang & Olufsen parlance – come in distinctive sizes, permitting the wearer to pick out the ones which slot into their personal ears the exceptional. B&O additionally throws in a few regular silicone pointers, and Comply suggestions which mildew to your ear canals.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 In-Ear Wireless Earphones Features

Whole with Bang & Olufsen’s Signature Sound, these in-ear earphones provide comfortable consolation. The E6 Earphones include four ear fins, 4 ear tips, and 2 Comply ear suggestions. With 9 extraordinary options, they’ll live in region irrespective of how you flow. Further, the lightweight design is paired with a long lasting construction so that you can wear those earphones during the day. In truth, with a five-hour battery life, they could see you through your workout and past. Connecting the two earphones is a braided twine that rests lightly to your neck. As a result, you’ll in no way lose one. along the cable is also a fixed of buttons for seamless and intuitive control.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 In-Ear Wireless Earphones Price

Available now online and in Bang & Olufsen shops, in either sand or black colours, the B&O Beoplay E6 is priced at €299. We’re still awaiting UK pricing. For more details and update, jump to Amazon.

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