FrontRow FR_RG Wearable Android Camera Capture Wonderful Moments In Your Daily Life

- Oct 31, 2017

It became approximately time that another corporation launched a “story Mode” on a digital camera tool, and this time it’s a corporation called Ubiquiti Labs that has launched a brand new wearable digital camera so that it will permit all of your buddies know what you’re up to. The product is referred to as FrontRow. FrontRow wearable Android digicam is designed to seize the awesome moments for your day by day lifestyles, and the dual-lens layout and rounded touchscreen bring the wearable digicam to a brand new level.

FrontRow FR_RG Wearable Android Camera Design

The FrontRow FR_RG is an advanced and innovative wearable Android camera that measures 2.3 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches and weighs 1.6 ounces. As we can see from the images, the wearable camera sports a sleek and ultra compact appearance design along with two color options: black and white. And you can easily attach it anywhere you want with included mounting tools including a stylish lanyard, chain adapter, clip and more.


FrontRow FR_RG Wearable Android Camera Features

Unlike regular wearable video camera, FrontRow features a front-facing camera and a rear camera. The front-facing camera is 8MP with a 148 degree FOV, and the rear camera is 5MP with a smaller FOV. the wearable Android camera supports 2K video recording in 16:9 and 4K video recording in 4:3.

Furthermore, the wearable camera also supports 720p live stream on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and its story mode allows it to record over several hours and create short timelapse video. A 2-inch rounded touchscreen display not only provides you an intuitive control experience, but also allows for picture preview and video playback.

As an Android digicam FrontRow can run various apps and its 2GB RAM maintains it running smoothly. The wearable mini camera comes ready with 32GB internal storage, and integrated WiFi additionally allows it to wirelessly connect to your cellphone or tablet for editing and sharing. Further, the rechargeable battery of FrontRow lasts 10 hours in tale mode, a hundred-minute live streaming or a hundred-minute HD video recording. the water-resistant casing protects the camera from splashes for use inside the rain.

FrontRow FR_RG Wearable Android Camera Price

The FrontRow FR_RG wearable Android digital camera is priced at $400 USD. In case you are really interested, bounce to Amazon for its more information.

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