Erato Muse 5 – True Wireless Earphones

- Mar 20, 2017

Having true wireless earphones means being able to listen music and songs with more freedom and without the wires. Until fairly recently, the Erato launched the Apollo 7 on crowdfunding and have already delivered to all of our backers. Apollo 7 earbuds were among the best, offering best-in-class connectivity and solid sound. The bullet-shaped earphone just worked better than any other wireless earbuds. The big issue was a pair of Apollo 7 is would set you back $299, a price tag that was way too high considering the earbuds had no buttons or extra features

Now the company is back with another new earphones called – the Erato Muse 5 Wireless Earphones. At $179, the new earphones are cheaper than their predecessor.


Muse 5 Features & Design

The new coming earphones ditch the 4.5 caliber look of their predecessor in favor of the oblong in-ear shape popularized by the likes of Bragi’s Dash and other headphones. The company also expanded on the traditional mushroom-tripped silicone seal with, the company called it “FitSeal,” which is a ridged silicone layer that goes below the tip to create a tighter fit in your ear canal.

The outside of the each earphone features a single control button with the Erato logo on it. The buttons control everything from playback to Bluetooth pairing, Siri and Goolge voice, based on the length and number of taps it records. Well, it takes a while to learn the patterns needed to perform different functions, but once done, everything works nicely and perfectly.

The earphones can be operated as a single Bluetooth earpiece, or they can paired together for a stereo experience. The company claims that the battery life is about four hours of streaming per charge, but in practice we registered around 3.5 hours, which is slightly above the average when compared to the field. The case holds two full recharges, for a total time of around 11 to 12 hours of playback on the go. It takes two hours of time for recharging the earphones in the case. The earphones available In four finishes: black, pearl white, rose gold, and brilliant blue.

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