Cooler Master Introduced The Full-Size Gaming Headset MasterPulse Over-Ear

- Oct 19, 2016

Cooler Master unveiled the MasterPulse over-ear headset. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for versatile sound opts or a casual user looking for an all-around headset, the MasterPulse Over-ear has you covered. A key feature of the new items is a technology Bass FX: under this name hides a removable magnetic pad on the outside of the cups. Removing covers can get a brighter sound with accentuated bass for a more balanced sound lining can be brought back.

The new MasterPulse are a pair of in-ear headphones that can hook up to your phone, just as well as your PC and deliver a customisable sound wherever you are. They’re compact, stylised and feature Cooler Master’s own Bass Boost technology, to deliver a real thumping sound to your ears.


MasterPulse over-ear headset

This headset provides 2.0 channel surround with 44mm drivers to ensure the superior sound quality. The driver’s coating has been carefully selected to provide an outstanding bass performance. The headset has a microphone hidden in a shell and left via the 3.5 mm 4-pole jack connector, it can also connect to your mobile phone.

Ear buds:


The MasterPulse is available at local retailers towards the end of the August, 2016 for a suggested retail price of £59.99.

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