Bellus3D Is Focusing On High Quality & Affordable 3D Face Scanning

- Mar 22, 2017

At CES 2017 3D scanning will be in evident in not only the numerous VR applications but also with a new product from Silicon Valley based Bellus3D. The company have announced they’ll share their Face Camera accessory for Android mobiles and tablets. This 3D scanning tool is capable of creating a detailed face scan in seconds.

The Bellus 3D Face Camera can be fixed on the top of any Android tablet or mobile device and then can click a awesome and realistic, high-resolution image of a person’s face in mere seconds. How does that happen? The new Bellus 3D Face Camera uses the combination of two IR sensors which are 1.2MP along with 1.2MP colour sensors. It throws two IR laser projects and a front facing camera into the tech mix and the results are impressive 3D scans and pictures of one’s face. These technologies mix to help colour a scan of the face and produce the final picture.


Bellus 3D

Scanning a head is as easy as sitting in front of the camera within the displayed ring, and turning your head slowly left and right. The camera takes about 20 sec to process the scan, after which you are presented with an image that can be panned and lit as you see fit. The Face Camera outputs results as standard .obj files, meaning that it is easy to use them in 3D projects or print them for stunningly realistic (and slightly unnerving) 3D masks.

The Bellus 3D company is currently trying to add more interesting features to the device such as allowing user to digitally and virtually put on makeup or create virtual reality avatars. Currently, the new Bellus 3D Face Camera is only a prototype but the company expects a proper release by end of 2017 . It may carry a price tag of $300.

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