Apple’s iOS 10 For iPhone And iPad Is Out In Beta

- Jul 25, 2016

Apple has just made iOS 10 official during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2016, update for iPhone and iPad lives up to its milestone software version number. It’s filled with major changes for your daily phone and tablet routine, but do not worry, all of the new iOS 10 features are for the best – and best of all, it’ll free to download.

It is easier than ever to flip on the camera with new iOS 10 because sliding the lockscreen right (when Control Center isn’t open) automatically transitions to the camera app.

iOS 10 is going to make use of deep learning so that it’ll be easier to organize your photos with what it calls ‘advanced computer vision.’ this is how Apple plans to rival Google Photos.


iOS 10 will let you assemble your captured photos and videos of a particular memory with a special movie that’s assembled automatically. It is customizable, with a number of mood choices and three length options, just in case you don’t want to fine tune it yourself.

Maps for iOS 10 is adding traffic on route to better compete with Google Maps and expanding it’s Nearby functionality with more points of interest that you can find along your route.

Vehicles that supports Apple CarPlay will not only get suggested alternate routes based on traffic conditions, Maps’ turn-by-turn directions can pop up on the instrument (if they have a screen for where the odometer is).

Apple is weaving iOS 10 information from other applications into Maps, like if it knows you go to work at a certain time, it’ll make a suggestion for the route, or will make one based on a calendar event address.

Apple Music with iOS 10 is being redesigned for its 15 million paid subscribers, and it ‘enables the music to be the hero,’ according to Apple. It lets the cover art stand out.

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