Top 5 DJ Controllers

- Dec 23, 2014

Most DJ’s have more than an iPhone and portable speakers to play music. Instead, they rely on a lot of DJ stuff to get the job done. One of the most common pieces of equipment that a professional DJ uses is a controller. There are several different types of controllers available, which help you play the music, mix songs, and make the music sound better. The following are the top 5 DJ controllers to consider.

1 – Hercules DJ Control Instinct

For DJs on a budget, the Hercules DJ Control Instinct is a great option. It’s around $100, and it is a great piece of equipment. The controller offers the standard things that you need when you purchase a controller:

This controller is ideal for beginners, due to the cost and ease of use. However, it doesn’t lack the necessities for great sound. It comes equipped with the necessary outputs, and it also has a jack for the headphones.

2 – Denon DJ DN-SC2000

The Denon controller is unique because it only has a single deck. The different design might be hard to get used to for some, but others fall in love with the added features. It is compatible with the Virtual DJ and Traktor. Even better, it is powered by the USB so you don’t have to use an adapter.

3 – NumarkMixtrack Pro II

If you need a controller that can do everything, then the NumarkMixtrack Pro ii might be for you. It’s like an all-in-one device, and it is very popular with scratchers. The device comes with touch sensitive control wheels, and it has a built in audio interface. A lot of people that use the Mixtrack like it because they can organize their gear easily. However, you can also access your computer directly from the Mixtrack with a USB. One of the reasons most people like this device is because it has awesome trigger pads.

4 – Akai AMX

Akai offers a different approach for a controller. It has side equipment, two channels, and a lot of mixing capabilities. In addition, you can control two decks while you are using this device. One aspect that is great about this product is the touch activated buttons and knobs. It also comes with a high quality fader, allowing DJs to create awesome music for nearly any occasion.

5 – Native Instruments TraktorKontrol S2 MK2

Finally, it is hard to talk about controllers without mentioning the Native Instruments TraktorKontrol S2 MK2. This is a favorite among several top DJS. It’s larger, but it offers a lot of capabilities. If you plan on investing in this controller, then you need to be prepared to purchase their software. It doesn’t work without it. Also, this controller is more expensive than other alternatives so it might not be the right option for you if you are on a budget.

If you need a controller, make sure to choose the one that is right for your needs. There are several great options at IDJNow. Look for one that fits your budget, offers the controls you need, and will work with your software.

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