Leadex Titanum 1000W PSU By Super Flower

- Jan 7, 2016

Super Flower is the first thus far the main organization to discharge a 80 Plus Titanium appraised PSU with more than 1.5kW limit. The 1.6kW SF-1600F14HT supply gives Super Flower an edge, in any event on paper, over Corsair’s AX1500i, which highlights a digitally-controlled stage. We as of now surveyed the SF-1600F14HT, and were satisfied with the execution it conveyed in the greater part of our tests.

Then again, such an effective PSU is pointless excess in many machines, so Super Flower astutely extended its Titanium line with two lower-limit units. The SF-1000F14HT and the SF-750F14HT PSUs serve up 1kW and 750W limit, separately, and engage a more extensive gathering of people. In this survey, we are putting the 1kW Titanium-appraised Leadex stage to the test.

While this fresher model seems to be indistinguishable to the 1.6kW adaptation, its measurements are essentially littler since it gauges 18cm profound rather than the SF-1600F14HT’s 22.5-cm. The single +12V rail can convey up to 83A, a present yield that effectively bolsters different top of the line illustrations cards. Then again, the minor rails have a joined max force of just 100W. Luckily, gaming frameworks need not bother with any more than that; both rails are softly utilized nowadays. Super Flower ought to give a more grounded 5VSB rail, however, with no less than 3A current yield.

The ATX detail expresses that 5VSB standby supply proficiency ought to be as high as could reasonably be expected, prescribing 50% or higher effectiveness with 100-mA of burden, 60 percent or higher with 250-mA of burden and 70% or higher with 1A or a greater amount of burden.

We will take four estimations: one each at 100, 250 and 1000-mA, and one with the full load the 5VSB rail can deal with. The 5VSB rail accomplished great execution and high effectiveness in general. Our just grumbling is the rail’s low limit. We might want to see it with no less than 3A of most extreme current yield in a 1000W PSU.

Super Flower acquires Titanium productivity the 1000W PSU class and the SF-1000F14HT is at present the most proficient PSU in this business sector portion and not just. In the US market you ought to hold up till EVGA discharges the SuperNOVA 1000 T2, which will be indistinguishable.

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