BRAVEN Has Released Its Latest Home Series With Three Bluetooth Speakers

- Jan 18, 2017

Bluetooth speaker maker BRAVEN has unveiled the 1100, 2200m, and 2300 speakers as part of its new premium home line that does not only sound good but looks good as well.

BRAVEN 1100:

The smallest and most portable of the Premium Home line, the new Braven 1100 uses a single extended range driver and dual passive radiators for the bass. This is by far the most portable model of the three, that offering an impressive 28-hour battery life, along with the built-in 8,800 mAh battery doubling as a charger for your mobile devices

Braven 2200m:

The Braven 2200m is smaller than the 2300 and boasts up to ten hours of playtime using the built-in battery. It includes wall-mounting hardware in case you want to set it up in one room semi-permanently. Like the Braven 2300, the Braven 2200m is available in white and graphite. This model sells for $300.

Braven 2300:

The flagship of the new Premium Home series is the Braven 2300. The loudest and largest of the three models comprising the series that features extended range drivers and a built-in subwoofer. Using the Braven Smart app, the two of the speakers can be paired together for stereo sound and even more impressive volume. This model is available in white or graphite, and sells for $350.

All three are controlled with the BRAVEN Smart App, which does more than just stream music from the smartphone to speaker or turn it on or off. The app features for setting EQ just the way you want it, and locking the speaker’s hardware buttons to prevent accidental presses, as well as an ad hoc pairing mechanism for instant audio streaming.

This BRAVEN Premium Home Series are now available for purchase online. The 1100 speaker goes for $250, the 2200m for $300, and the 2300 for $350. The BRAVEM Smart App is available for free on both iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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