Vizio Is Going All In On Google’s Smart Home Ecosystem

- Mar 30, 2017

Vizio announced that its SmartCast devices, including TVs, sound bars, speakers and displays, are now compatible with Google Home, Google’s voice-activated speaker. Pricing on these devices, for the most part, it’s also quite reasonable. Soundbars land as low as $129 or so, while some of the smaller TVs are priced as little as $215 (for a refurbished model).

It is a natural move forward for Vizio, which has been making SmartCast — the company’s branding for its smart TVs and speakers with integrated Chromecast support — devices for a while now, including it’s P-, M-, and E-series TVs and a variety of Wi-Fi-connected speakers.


Vizio’s SmartCast device

Already utilizing the Google Chromecast, Vizio’s SmartCast devices now allow Google Home users to use their voice to adjust volume up and down, and play, stop and skip music tracks on any Google Home supported services, power on their TVs by asking to play entertainment on the big screen when the ‘Quick Start Power Mode’ function is enabled on their SmartCast TV.

Just like Google’s Chromecast products, all these products have ‘Chromecast built-in’ which enables casting from your smartphone with compatible services, and with Google Home. Currently, only a handful services are supported, but those include Google Play Music, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Google Photos, and Pandora. Odds are, that list will expand over time as well.

‘Controlling SmartCast devices from Google Home is a significant milestone for consumers and their ability to manage their entertainment experience,’ said Matt McRae, Vizio chief tech officer. ‘Using a simple voice command to stream a movie from Netflix to a display or stream music from Spotify to a group of speakers is an eye-opening experience and shows off the power of Vizio SmartCast.’

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