UE40JU7000 By Samsung: Superb Smart TV

- Oct 3, 2015

UE40JU7000 is the first 4K UHD TV it’s been tested from Samsung that comes in under £1,000. In spite of this, it still delivers Samsung’s new Tizen TV smart system, as well as some impressive-looking picture specs to support the headline UHD pixel count.

Connectivity on the UE40JU7000 comes partly courtesy of an external One Connect Mini box. This houses a quartet of HDMIs and three USBs, even though unlike the larger One Connect box you get with Samsung’s flagship SUHD TVs, the Freeview and Freesat tuner connections reside on the main TV chassis.

Image processing, meanwhile, comes courtesy of a quad-core chipset capable of driving among other things – a potent 1,300Hz-emulating motion control system, attained through a combination of back-light scanning and frame interpolation processing.

While the UE40JU7000 does not have the HDR friendly screen characteristics Samsung’s SUHD TVs do, it still has some impressive tricks up its sleeve. Additionally, turn off all noise reduction when watching UHD and good quality HD sources and set the Smart LED local dimming specialty to its Medium setting.

Apply caution to the TV’s motion processing, using it on either its relatively low-powered Clear setting or a Custom setting, with the two blur and judder components set to around their three or four levels.

It attains a sparkling combination of deep, rich black colors and punchy, pure whites and bright colors in the same frame. Imposingly, it does this without suffering such common LCD side effects as back-light clouding, or “blooming” and light blocking around bright objects.

Nonetheless, a couple of issues to raise about the UE40JU7000’s picture functionality. First, while its motion handling surely is not bad by the standards of the TV world at large, there is some resolution loss over moving objects. This can take a little of the edge off the image’s otherwise exemplary UHD sharpness.


The UE40JU7000 is another exceptionally accomplished Samsung UHD TV. It has the secondary picture quality attributes needed to unlock UHD’s resolution benefits.

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