Samsung 2016 4K TV Can Now Play YouTube HDR Videos

- Dec 24, 2016

Samsung has recently announced it will be updating the YouTube app on all of its 2016 Quantum Dot and 4K Ultra HD TVs so that they will support HDR content.

If you have a 4K TV, one of the biggest hurdles to enjoying all those extra pixels is finding content that actually stretches the format’s technical limits. Thankfully for the Samsung TV owners, there is now some new 4K high dynamic range (HDR) video coming down the pipe, all thanks to YouTube.


4K Ultra HD TVs

The update will be automatically installed over the air and you’ll know when it’s done because there will be a dedicated HDR section within the app and on YouTube’s 4K channel.

HDR is the latest must-have TV tech. It works by making a picture even more lifelike and as the director intended, by just improving the contrast ratio of an image. It also helps to bring out subtle shadings and gradations to add an extra sense of depth.

‘With global availability of YouTube’s HDR, we at Samsung are thrilled to support the best HDR viewing experience and a wide range of HDR content for users to enjoy,’ said Seline Han, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung.

Currently, the only way to get HDR content is via Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Ultra HD Blu-ray as well as YouTube. It’s hoped that one day we will be able to watch live TV with HDR thanks to Hybrid Log Gamma, a tech being developed by the BBC and Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Samsung’s announcement also states that while the update is intended to be global, it’ll roll out ‘progressively’ from Dec. This implies a gradual distribution model, where some territories get the updated app earlier than others. So do not necessarily expect it to be available for your set by the time you’ve finished reading this article!

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