Pump Up the Bass With Boat Tower Speakers

- Nov 25, 2014

Your wakeboard tower isn’t just for big air anymore; it’s also a great base for big beats. While wakeboarding is always a thrill, there’s something about cruising along the water and flying through the air to the tune of your favorite song that takes the experience, and ultimately your skills, to the next level. Wake Essentials carries only the best in boat tower speakers, because there’s nothing worse than scratchy sound or weak bass to dampen the mood.

Big Air Bullet Speakers

Big Air Bullet Speakers come in single, twin, and combo options fit for a variety of boats and budgets. Single option speakers come in a pair of two, designed to fit on either side of your tower. They’re made of durable 6061 aluminum, the same kind of metal found on airplanes. Upgrade to the LED model and you can get 20 different color variations and 19 different modes. They are easily installed and produce crystal clear, balanced sound. These are great for anyone trying tower speakers for the first time.

Big Air Twin Bullet Speakers

Big Air Twin Bullet Speakers give you double the sound and with four speakers total, one pair designed to go on either side of your tower. You can go with the tried and true basic version or go up to the next level with LED option. The Twin Speakers bring you the same great sound of the single option and come in polished aluminum or stylish black.

Big Air Speaker Light Bar Combo

The Light Bar Combo is perfect for the entertainer or extreme wakeboarding enthusiast. This package brings you the best of sound and light all in one sleek design. Two Kicker speakers flank either side of the bar, giving you four smooth sound producers total. Each of the outside speakers is adjustable so you can blast the sound where it needs to go. Four high intensity LED lights sit on the center of the bar and can be upgraded to give you 20 different color options. The combo bar is magnetically shielded and comes with a five-year warranty.

Kicker Long Range Tower System

Wake Essentials also proudly carries the Kicker Long Range Tower System, which is perfect for any boarder who wants to hear the beats up to 50 feet from his or her boat. This system comes with a pair of two separate housings each with two speakers inside. They fit all standard towers and are easy to install. While the Long Range System is optimized for wakeboarding, it’s also great when you’re just taking the boat out on the water for a day of relaxation. Anyone who wants to go for a swim will still be able to hear the music from 50 feet away.

Skylon Vector Speakers

Skylon Vector 8 HCLD Tower Speakers are top of the line and the ultimate boat tower accessory. They are engineered to cut through engine and water noise, delivering beautiful sound to both driver and wakeboarder. Titanium is treated with UV resistant DuraTech so the speakers stand up to hours of harsh sunrays. With 360-degree rotation capability, extreme boarding enthusiasts will love their durability and their consistently superior audio performance.

Head over to Wake Essentials to check out the best in boat tower speakers to pump up the air and the bass.

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