PANASONIC TX50CX802 – High Definition Display

- Jul 27, 2015

The TX-50CX802 was designed to sit on a full width bar-style metal stand that curves back from each of the TV’s bottom corners. This means that, unless you are going to be placing the TX-50CX802 on furniture that is at least as wide as the TV, your lovely new 4K screen is literally going to fall flat on its face. It also includes Panasonic’s intriguing new 4K Pro technology, which combines a new, Wide Color Phosphor design with Panasonic’s new 4K Studio Master Processor. According to Panasonic, this presents the view exactly as the director intended.


The True Cinema preset, for instance, does a brilliant job of hitting the Rec 709 standard for viewing in a very dark room, while the TX-50CX802’s panel characteristics also deliver one of the most effective THX settings we have seen. Our experience with some THX presets in the past has found that they’ve tended to highlight uncomfortable weakness in some LCD TV’s back-lighting. Like us, however, if you would rather unlock more of the potential of that wide color phosphor panel for which you have shelled out the big bucks, then with a little tinkering the TX-CX802’s Normal setting can deliver remarkably good ‘remastered’ pictures too.


The TX-50CX802’s exceptional handling of detail also means it’s up there with the best when it comes to reproducing subtle colour tones when watching very low-lit content. This helps to ensure the TX-50CX802 is exceptionally good at retaining its sense of 4K, even during dark scenes. Completing this remarkable sense of watching a screen that’s using self-illuminating pixels, rather than external lighting, is the TX-50CX802’s ability to pick out even the most subtle details in dark areas. Where most LCD TVs would display an expanse of darkness, with 2D at least, the TX-50CX802 is capable of revealing the subtlest traces of light.

Sound Result

The sound stage is detailed, dynamic and reasonably widespread without losing cohesion. There is also an open feeling to the middle range that helps the set produce plenty of volume without deformation, or the sound stage starting to sound cramped.

Final Decision

its detailing, color accuracy and black level response combine to create a picture that finally earns Panasonic the same imperious picture-quality status with LCD that it once enjoyed with its best plasma TVs. And you get all this for a competitive price.

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