LaVie water purifier turns tap water into mineral water in 15 minutes

- Apr 4, 2018

Bottled water, however wasteful it is probably, remains one of the most preferred ways for consumers to stay hydrated, which is being targeted with the Solable ‘Lavie’ system to take away the need for it. Last month we come with a Faucet Filters that was launch at tech conference san francisco. Now, Coming as a especially green water purification solution, the device is ready to turn normal faucet water into mineral water using a white LED that mimics the UV light from the sun. This treatment creates natural mineral water is 20 minutes this is free from odors, flavor, chlorine and different contaminants.

LaVie Water Purifier Design

The LaVie is an innovative and clean-to-use water purifier that has been sealed in its bamboo case. As we will see from the pics, the water cleaner sports a minimal and smooth look layout, so you can without difficulty area it anywhere in your home without connecting it with your home water system. Meanwhile, the case indicates off suitable bamboo grain for herbal aesthetics.


LaVie Water Purifier Features

The water purifier makes use of a patented UV-A light tech to break down the chlorine molecule, releasing effective free radicals to ruin micro organism and viruses, insecticides and traces of drugs, flavor and odors. Moreover, it’s very clean to use. All you want to do is just place a bottle packed with faucet water within the tool, and the procedure begins routinely. In 15 minutes, it’ll turn the tap water into natural, superb mineral water.

Furthermore, an optional LaVie water bottle is fabricated from thick and transparent borosilicate glass that’s resistant to shocks and heat. Whilst purifying your tap water, the LaVie additionally cleans the bottle every treatment cycle, so you don’t smooth the bottle via yourself. Similarly, LaVie is made from bio substances for a healthful and eco-friendly layout.

LaVie Water Purifier Price

The team behind LaVie is raising fund for it via Kickstarter. We can pledge $149 to preorder the water purifier with a water bottle. The kit will be shipped in May 2018.

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