Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones – First Impression

- Jan 14, 2017

Klipsch has announced three new over-ear headphones at Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017, continuing the company’s 70th anniversary celebrations. The HP-1, HP-2 and HP-3 headphones utilize a semi-open design in a first for Klipsch, with high quality materials providing a premium look and feel. I demoed the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphone, which is a gorgeous semi-open over-ear design that uses a bio-cellulose free-edge driver.


“In a sea of plastic headphone options, Klipsch Heritage headphones are crafted from machined metal, milled wood and deliver the style and legendary sound of Klipsch’s 70 year legacy,” said Steve Jain, VP and General Manager of Klipsch.

The headphone use machined copper, leather and wood to give the headphones a high-end and gorgeous look. The company says embodies the craftsmanship of its acclaimed loudspeakers. The HP-3 headphone featuring a pillow-soft memory foam pads. The HP-3 headphone is a tactile delight, and my brief listening session suggested that they deliver best quality sound for music lover.

The HP-3 headphones use bio-cellulose drivers and free-edge diaphragms– as we mentioned above –  with the wood construction that means the headphones work more like freestanding speakers than regular plastic headphones. Klipsch said the drivers have been designed “like a home speaker”, and claims that they deliver a soundstage on a par with the company’s best speakers.

The company said wireless and noise cancelling versions are on the way as well. The HP-3 headphone with 52mm drivers will be available in wired only. Klipsch hasn’t announced the release date, but the HP-3 headphones priced at $1000.

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