Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker From Outdoor Tech Lives Up to Big Hype

- Sep 5, 2014

The Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker is billed by Outdoor Tech as the “greatest wireless speaker ever created.” This statement is, of course, loaded with the hubris one should expect out of a company whose pro team is loaded with extreme athletes for whom excessive confidence is surely a prerequisite. The fact of the matter is, however, that the company may very well be doing nothing more than being perfectly honest. This wireless speaker has a number of features and functions that make it an exceptional selection for a wide variety of occasions. Some of these impressive features include:

Rugged and Portable

This speaker from Outdoor Tech boasts ruggedness and portability, making it very easy for the speaker to be taken anywhere the owner may venture. The company suggests several venues in which this speaker would be ideal, though it can essentially be taken anywhere imaginable and still be able to deliver excellent sound from a multitude of devices, including:

Of course, the main feature of the speaker is its ability to deliver clear sound, which it does at 110 decibels. When considering the sound capabilities and the rugged portability of this speaker, it is clear that there is a lot to like about the Big Turtle Shell.

Wireless Connectivity

This speaker is also incredibly convenient due to the fact that it is able to function wirelessly, boasting a range of up to 32 feet. Taking advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the aptX audio codec, the Big Turtle Shell is capable of not only delivering what the company calls “auditory bliss,” but it is also features a number of easy and intuitive controls that allow the user to change the track being played, alter the volume, receive a phone call or utilize Siri.

Water Resistant

What good would a portable outdoor speaker be if it was not water resistant? This is a question that Outdoor Tech clearly asked themselves as they designed the Big Turtle Shell, as the speaker is both water and dust resistant. The expectation is that this speaker is going to be used in conditions under which it may get wet, and it is certainly designed to be able to handle exposure to the elements.

Practical and Versatile Features Make for an Outstanding Purchase

One of the more frustrating aspects of many of the current portable speakers on the market is that by the time the destination is actually reached, the battery only has enough power left to play music for less than an hour. Such is not the case with the Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker, as it is powered by 7800 milliamps of power, the equivalent of 16 hours of playing time.It also allows the user to leave it on standby for up to 325 hours. Not only that, but the speaker also has the ability to charge the user’s portable devices, including the following:

With all of these features and its rugged portability, it should be plainly evident that the Big Turtle Shell is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a portable speaker.

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