YoUP Is A Standing Desk You Can Take With You

- Jan 6, 2017

The new YoUP is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where it is still in the early stages, with $808 out of $21,730 pledged. A contribution of 40 Euros (currently $44) gets you a YoUP in the color and size of your choice, and you can choose between green, blue, grey, and red.

YoUP is a standing desk that’s surely more convenient than any of its competitors. With research continually showing that sitting for extended periods of time can have short- and long-term health impacts, standing desks have gained popularity in offices around the world. The inexpensive device is an inflatable and portable, and turning any surface into a standing desk.



The YoUP measures 10 inches wide by 14 inches long, which means that it should support laptops with the displays as large as 15 inches. The YoUP Small expands to the 10 inches in height, while YoUP Regular inflates to a height of the 13.8 inches.

All you do it pull the top and bottom apart like an accordion, that causes it to automatically inflate to 90 % of its full size. Then, with a couple of the steady puffs, or using the supplied air pump, it will be sturdy enough to hold your laptop. When your work’s done or you are done standing, its maker claims that you can deflate YoUP in a ‘few seconds’ so you won’t be there for ages looking like a nitwit trying desperately to squeeze all air out of it.

The YoUP even comes out with a connected companion app that tracks your standing progress and then offers suggestions on improving your sitting/standing behavior based on your profile.

YoUP’s team hopes to start shipping its inflatable standing desk in April. Early bird backers can bag one for as little as €40 ($44), €30 lower than expected retail price of €75 ($82).

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