The WhiteFox is a compact keyboard with a 65-percent layout

- Aug 4, 2017

Most mechanical keyboards are bigger in size and include masses of function buttons for macros and so forth. But if you’re seeking out something a bit smaller than the market is a little more sparse.

One new addition to the small mechanical keyboard market is the newest WhiteFox which has been developed by Input Club. That is designed to bring more freedom to customize your preferred keyboard layout, and three optional mechanical switches provide a customizable and comfortable typing experience.

WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Design

The WhiteFox is a properly-crafted and flexible programmable mechanical keyboard. This new keyboard features a compact shape element, and the aluminum casing now not offers a stable production, but moreover shows off a top rate and stylish experience. Meanwhile, the white keycaps supplement to the minimum appearance layout, even as the blue directional keys and Esc key add some excellent detailing to the keyboard.

WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Features

The new keyboard comes in 3 mechanical switches including Halo True, Halo Clear and Kaihua Blue. The Halo True is a smooth and tactile switch, and the Halo Clear features a spring weight closer to Cherry MX Clear, while the Kaihua Blue is a clicky switch.

As a totally programmable keyboard, this WhiteFox capabilities individual key programming and custom layout with N-Key Rollover. Moreover, you could additionally create custom macros for all the keys. Further, the mechanical keyboard is open source additionally including its software program, so you can even construct a unique WhiteFox via yourself.

WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Price

The group in the back of WhiteFox has effectively earned enough fund for the mechanical keyboard on Kickstarter. You may pledge $169.99 to preorder the absolutely programmable mechanical keyboard. It would be shipped in December 2017 (estimated).

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