The SteelSeries Rival 600, a mouse that comes with a rather unique feature

- Mar 10, 2018

Steelseries has unveiled a brand new gaming mouse at CES 2018: The Steelseries Rival 600. But as awesome as the overall package deal is, it’s the sensor system it employs that has tongues wagging. The TrueMove3+ dual sensor setup tracks general player actions and raise-off distance extra accurately than ever before.

This isn’t a new characteristic for gaming mice, however it’s a nice addition for the Rival range. In addition to this monitoring system (which SteelSeries has branded “TrueMove three+”), the Rival 600 additionally has customizable interior weights, which users can upload or remove to get the desired heaviness they’re most relaxed with. There are eight 4g weights inner, so the mouse can be modified to weigh among 96 grams and 128 grams.


The primary sensor used within the TrueMove3+ setup is the equal excessive-stop Pixart optical sensor located in mice like the Steelseries Sensei 310 and Rival 310, with a sensitivity of 12,000 dots according to inch (or counts in line with inch, as Steelseries phrases it). It’s ultra-low-latency and is stated to be jitter-loose and incredible for competitive gaming.

Where the brand new TrueMove3+ system actually stands apart, although, is with its second sensor. The optical sensor can locate lift-off — the bodily lifting of the mouse to reposition it — to an accuracy of 0.5mm. That have to imply that in case you have been to lift the mouse off your mat, you wouldn’t have much inside the manner of any movement at some stage in that transition, making for a more accurate mouse basic.

In terms of functions, the Rival 600 may also recreation a 12,000 CPI TrueMove 3 sensor, customizable RGB lighting, and is just priced at $79.99 which certainly makes it quite less expensive as far as gaming mice are worried.

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