Seagate Duet 1TB HDD Automatically Backs Up To Amazon’s Reliable Cloud

- Feb 14, 2017

Seagate and Amazon have partnered on to sell an external hard drive that automatically backs up data to the cloud. The Seagate Duet 1TB HDD is selling for $99 on Amazon and it works by cloning its contents to Amazon Drive. What this means is that whenever you update Amazon Drive with new files, it will sync with the Seagate Duet and vice versa, thus instantly backing up in two locations at once.

The idea here is that a physical hard drive is a great way to store content, and giving you immediate offline access and making it easier to control who has access to the data itself. However, accessing that data when you aren’t physically home — or if you’re on something like a tablet — is tricky. That is where the cloud storage comes in.


Seagate Duet

Getting set up with the cloud backup process requires plugging in the drive, and signing in with your Amazon account — and that’s pretty much it, from the sounds of it. Just Drag and drop files over, and you will be able to access them from the web or Amazon’s Drive app on smartphones and tablets. If you are new to the Drive service, Seagate claims you will get a year of unlimited storage just for buying the hard drive, which normally costs $59 annually. Amazon’s listing for the Duet (the only way to buy it right now) confirms as much, but there is some fine print.

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