Managed WordPress Hosting – Pros And Cons

Everyone knows that running a WordPress website or a blog is not a piece of cake. You have to give much more to your site than you think, such as you have to manage your content, site design, daily backup, social media, security and so forth. With these great efforts, you will absolutely run your business perfectly, smoothly and speedily. Because users and viewers do not stay on a site which takes longer to load a page.

For this purpose, most of the companies providing managed WordPress hosting plans and every company claimed to deliver best features and promise to run your site wonderfully. In this article, I will show pros and cons of selecting managed WordPress hosting service.


  • The most notable benefit of choosing WordPress hosting is that it provides high-level security, so you do not have to worry about getting hack your site and if your site showing errors so the managed hosting provider will solve it.
  • Speed – an essential element for getting success in WordPress blogging or business. If you compromise in speed so your viewers and readers do not stay due to slowly running a site. If you want fast, speedy and powerful performance, so you should select managed WordPress hosting plans.
  • If you choose managed WordPress hosting plans so it does daily or weekly backup of your site.
  • Managed WordPress hosting plans is especially for a site that faces much traffic on daily basis because with the help of managed service your site won’t go down.
  • It automatically updates your site or WordPress, if any WordPress update is released.


  • MaWordPressdpress hosting service is perfect in all aspects except pricing. It is the most expensive type of wordpress hosting.
  • Limitation is also included in the list of cons, because if you choose managed wordpress hosting so there is restrictions on some plugins.