Introducing OMEN By HP With SteelSeries Accessories

- Oct 9, 2016

HP has announced a partnership with the PC gaming accessory company SteelSeries. They will collaborate on a new series of OMEN By HP With SteelSeries Accessories, including Omen keyboards, Omen mouse and Omen headsets. All of them are slated to go on sale in mid-September.

The line of accessories designed to heighten gameplay and provide the utmost competitive advantage. The OMEN platform software is pre-installed on the OMEN PCs and offered on both the OMEN keyboard and OMEN mouse, so you can easily take advantage of its features with the cross-platform support. It also features a cloud syncing sys to make sure you always have your favorite settings.


OMEN By HP With SteelSeries Accessories

The New Accessories include:

OMEN Keyboard:

The new OMEN Keyboard with SteelSeries enables personalization with over 16.8 million colors that create unique color schemes and enable for color changes in response to gameplay action.

OMEN Mouse:

The new OMEN Mouse with SteelSeries includes features for the unmatched performance including customization like RGB illumination, six fully programmable buttons for the quicker action, and Zero hardware acceleration for 1:1 tracking and precise movements.


OMEN Mouse By HP

OMEN Mouse Pad:

The new OMEN Mouse Pad with SteelSeries provides a very high-quality, non-slip rubber base and precision professionals rely on along with a durable smooth, surface.

OMEN Headset:

The new OMEN Headset with SteelSeries features lightweight headset suspension construction to evenly spread weight of the headset over the entire band, enabling gamers to play longer, more comfortably.

OMEN By HP With SteelSeries Accessories Price:

Product Price
OMEN Keyboard $99.99
OMEN Mouse $59.99
OMEN Mouse Pad $19.99
OMEN Headset $79.99
Availability Date Mid-September 2016

In addition to these two gaming accessories, HP has also unveiled gaming peripherals as part of their OMEN family. That includes an OMEN X by HP Curved Display, which is still a rare type of monitor as far as the gaming is concerned. The monitor supports NVIDIA G-SYNC for tear-free visuals.

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