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- Oct 24, 2015

So, after using EaseUS  Partition Master on a few machines I had to work with recently and being thoroughly impressed, I’ve decided to write about it. The disk partition software allows you to handle any partition on any hard drive like a true master, doubly so if you’re handling multiple machines or multiple hard drives especially in a server environment. One common problem that system administrators have to face often enough is a particular partition running out of space, this happens a lot many times when a paging file grows and grows in a server rack. Enter a great disk manager, EaseUS Partition Master.

For the problem I mentioned above, it quickly and easily allowed me to increase the partition that held the paging file to 3 times its size and maintain system fidelity. Now you might notice that I tripled a partition, a sharp mind would guess that that means I used a different disk, which is correct. I used the multi-talented disk management software to first copy the initial partition over to a newer, larger SSD (which also allows faster access to said paging file) then I extended the partition to take advantage of the increased space on the new drive.

The beauty of the transfer also, is that it allowed me to move an entire Windows installation over to a new drive without having to do any reinstallations of even having to change file directories. The entire installation moved over smoothly and from a user’s point of view, was seamless, which is something every good system administrator wants from a disk manager, limited headaches.

Outside of these use-cases though, the disk partition software is really powerful. It allows you to also change the disk type from basic to dynamic disk, convert GPT disks to MBR disk, and vice versa. The dynamic disks can even be made into basic discs, though this does require deleting all dynamic volumes to work.

This really does blow the default disk management tool in Windows out of the water. It has many features which aren’t available in the basic software bundled with Windows. For example; You can expand or shrink FAT, recover partitions, in fact when it comes to partitions it can actually, hide them, label them, delete all partitions if needed, create bootable WinPE disks and of course, merge or move partitions as I said before and resize a dynamic volume (though Windows does that last one also).

A tool like this can be invaluable especially if you want to create a dual boot system, for example, lets say you want to check out Windows 10 but only want it on a separate partition to test for a while, then this tool is perfect, allowing you to create a dual boot system with Windows 10 on one partition and your regular OS on another.

All-in-all this is probably one of the most powerful disk partition software available and you really should go pick it up. It comes in a free variant which you can use to test, but is limited in functionality and hard disk capacity (8TB is its limit), the other variants are the professional and version which has full functionality except for Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 support, to get the support for those OSes you can grab the Server variant. All of them come with free trials, check them out!

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