Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Provides Protection Against Numerous Threats

- Jul 18, 2017

Antivirus and security software is very important for every tech user, whether you need to protect your computers at home, or want to add protection to your office PCs. For protecting your devices from malware and viruses, there are many great security applications available on the market. But if you need to safeguard your Window 10 PC from numerous threats, I highly recommend that you use Bitdefender Internet Security 2018. It is an award winning security suite that comes with powerful tools, which help you to keep your device secure from all internet threats.


Advanced Threat Defense

For ensuring high-level security, Bitdefender had added an innovative technology that will detect all the active apps – this technology is called Behavioral Detection. With it, the software is able to track every moment and take quick actions against a threat if the program has found something suspicious.

Webcam Protection

This security suite is also offering webcam protection for high-level privacy. You just have to set a list of trusted applications that can access your webcam. The benefit of setting a list is that the other third-party apps won’t be able to access your webcam; and if they somehow do so, you can block them.

Ransomware Protection

It doesn’t only give you protection against common viruses and malware, but it is also able to keep protecting your devices from some exotic viruses, such as ransomware. The software will provide you with foolproof protection against any ransomware viruses. So you can keep your sensitive documents and files under multiple layers of protection.

Social Network Protection

This will also provide security against social network threats and malicious links. If someone sends you some malicious links or internet threats through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network, the program will take instant action against this.

Privacy Firewall

In preventing applications from accessing the internet, there is also a firewall feature included. With this feature, you can set rules and regulations for all applications and can also switch between Home and Public presets. This feature will help you secure your data from hackers and data snoops.


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