Adata SSD SX930 XPG – Highly Endurance Memory

- Aug 25, 2015

Adata’s XPG SX family is the company’s flagship. It recently has updated the line-up with a new XPG SX930 that emphasizes endurance rather than functionality. For most users, endurance is an afterthought; most enthusiasts are looking for big functioning results, although the numbers given are almost always irrelevant.

As the technology used to manufacture NAND inches closer to single-digit atom insulators, endurance is back in vogue as an SSD selling point. With MLC+, endurance works in the opposite direction.

The cache does not need to hold information; it is only touched for a brief time. When reading and writing a single bit, operational latency is lower. As odd as it sounds, this increases a product’s overall functionality and endurance.


The SX930 does deliver a little more run time on battery power than the 850 EVO 500GB. For road warriors, this is an important measurement. It is always nice to have enough juice to fly across the country without looking for a place to charge along the way.

In a reduced-power environment, clock rates are deliberately reduced to conserve power. Most SSDs perform at the same speed under these conditions, the bottleneck shifts to other hardware.

Final Conclusion

The SX930 can be taken seriously only as a value or entry-level drive. The previous-gen SX920, a Crucial M550 clone that was identical in every way, is faster. The SX920 even scaled to 1TB, a capacity the SX930 fails to reach.

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