5 Factors E-Commerce Companies Need To Choose A Web Host

- Mar 28, 2017

Choosing a web hosting service can be a difficult task, especially for those people who are new to running a website and do not know much about hosting, or what kind of hosting they need. For instance, If your plans to start an e-commerce-based business, then choosing the right web host service can be the difference between having consistent sales or consistant headache. The right partner or the right web hosting service will help your website to load quickly, stay secure, and never go offline. Selecting the wrong kind of hosting can be an expensive mistake.



I have compiled five important factors you should consider when choosing hosting service, so that you can make an informed decision and find the hosting solution that’s good for your website.

Look For Reliability

Web hosting service helps your website to stay online. If you select a service that does not have consistent uptime, then you are gambling on your website being live when customers come to make purchases. For instance, what would happen if your website went offline for a few hours during any special occasion? Of course it means lost money, you are not able to sell your products if your website went offline. So goes for those web hosting service that will keep your website to stay online.


Apart from the being online, there is also a thing that we see in most of the website, yes a slow website. Most of the customers will not wait for your pages to load, particularly your home and product page. For instance, if someone comes to your website on more than one occasion only to be turned off by how slowly your pages load, then the customer gone forever, and you lost your customer forever. So the speed is also a factor to lose your money, so make sure you select those service that will speed up your page.

Customers Service Matter

Although it might seem like a good idea to choose the clothing hosting service in your local area, you want to make sure that they have someone available around that time if your website goes down. Choosing the clothing service, so keep in mind it should offer 24/7 support, means that clothing service only helps in business hours so that also make your money lost.


You should ask the web hosting service that, will it manage your security for your website or not? If they do not manage, so of course you will need to do it yourself. For example, if you have two services – one offers a manage security option and the other one does not – then choose the managed option, it will better for your website. Managed service constantly updates software and patch security flaws as needed.

Integrations & Bundled Software

Most web hosting company offers a variety of different bundled software and integrations, such as some provided you online shopping cart tool. Some services offer, drag-and-drop builders, security software, email marketing plug-in. So the benefit of those bundled software is that, you don’t have to work with an outside vendor.


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